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About Us

My Shadow Tekstil, one of the brand companies in the sector, has a very high quality technical staff. As we know that success passes through quality teamwork, we are always raising the bar with various trainings and seminars.

Thus, we are also updating our service portfolio with our qualified and qualified technical team.

We are not afraid to bring world-class modern practices to be content with our valued customers, who are the most valuable part of My Shadow Textile. Thanks to our technical staff that are open to innovations, even the latest technologies come to life in a very short time.

We strive to reach a wider audience while carrying out all these quality practices.

At every level of our institution, while we have an innovative understanding, we continue our way without passing our traditional values. Thus, our company is moving towards the future with confident steps by forming a reference point.

Many applications that other companies can take as examples are becoming standard options for us. For this reason, as we are aware of our responsibility today, we are always looking for the better and better quality.


Creative and innovative

Customer focused

Introduces season and trends with original products

Unlimited product richness

again an attractive price for your desired products, we are sending with Turkey, instead of paying at the door every assurance.

Our Mission

Our mission as My Shadow Textile; Our product range is to keep the satisfaction of our customers at the highest level with our reasonable price and good service policy and to meet their needs in the best way.

Our Vision

Our long-term vision as My Shadow Tekstil is; We produce / products we sell in Turkey with high quality apparel / footwear industry by offering, to fashion brand with the richest and most popular collections.