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Commissioned Sales


Commissioned Sales

In today's technology, shopping over the internet provides buyers with even greater advantages and offers many people the opportunity to earn money from home.

In this business model, where we offer the opportunity to earn money by making sales from home, Mr. Berber, you can open all our products for sale in your personal social media accounts with your products of our company Hal Hal, if you wish, you can earn your own money through the sales you realize through this channel. With this business model, you can earn a certain amount of commission from each sale and earn more by investing more in your own business. When you join the system, you can become a sub-dealer or commissioner who has the right to sell all the products of Hal berD Tekstil.



- The commissions of our dealers requesting payment are calculated in the first week of each month and progress payment is sent to the iban address that the dealer informs us.

- Commission progress payment applies to the cargo delivered to the customer. Delivery and return cargo costs of the cargoes that are not delivered and returned are deducted from your progress payment as paid by our company.

- Payments of our dealers whose progress payment is below 150 TL will be transferred to the next month. No payment is made to the dealers who want to leave the dealership before reaching this progress and the dealers who cannot reach 150 TL for 2 months, their dealerships are closed.

- Your orders will be prepared and invoiced by your customers and sent in the form of payment at the door.

- We work with Yurt Ici Kargo. Cargo delivery takes 1 to 3 business days.

- My Shadow Tekstil has the right to change the information on the and our main website and the dealer is obliged to comply with the conditions here. 


Log in to your membership.

Add the product you ordered to the basket.

Go to the basket.

Click the "Continue" button.

You will come to the address information section. Enter your customer's details. (Enter the name, surname, phone number and address information.) If you have a note about the order, enter it in the order note section;

Click the "Continue" button.

You will come to the "Payment Options" section. Select "Pay at the Door" and click the "Complete Order" button.

Your order has been completed.

If you are taking the order to your immediate surroundings, you may pay by bank transfer and not pay the 5 TL payment at the door.



- Firstly, after reviewing the entire page, you have to become a member of and after you become a member, you can contact us via WhatsApp by calling 0554 521 79 34, 0553 340 52 61, 0543 418 61 33, 0554 910 57 91 need to report.

- We will complete your dealership and give you the necessary information and you are ready for commissioned sales.

- Dealership fee, dues, etc. you will not be charged. No capital is required.

- All dealers must declare their identity, full address (residence) as the official document and accept that the account to be paid must be an account opened on this declared identity.